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Currently recruiting, Also looking for serious Co-Leaders! Please look for an application located under the game forum your looking to apply for.

Also if you wish to post here or possibly become a member be sure to sign up!


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We Kill Em All!
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 Read here for your forum rules!

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PostSubject: Read here for your forum rules!   November 22nd 2010, 10:25 pm

We ask that you please take the time to read these rules as best to your ability. If you have a problem with following rules, you will be banned(IP), and you will not be able to return.

1.) Be kind and on best behavior at ALL times, being mean and swearing is allowed, but if it gets out of control you will be warned ONCE.(No calling people niggers or anything racist unless they alllow you to with proof.)

2.) Please follow format for all applications! Multiple messed up application entries will get you banned!

3.) If you have an idea for the forum, please speak up, dont be shy! but be sure to put it in the right forum!

4.) Not putting stuff in the right forum will get you in trouble if you do it multiple times!

5.) If your appointed Mod or Co-Admin, please let me know BEFORE you post an announcement or make a major change to the site, or i will get very pissed and strip you of your title.

Reading this you acknowledge what we ask of you to do while here. KEA is meant to be a fun clan looking for competition. You also acknowledge that these rules are subject to change!

Made Nov. 22nd 2010
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Read here for your forum rules!
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